Friday, December 26, 2008

Where's Gimpy?

Well it's looks like Zongo and Louise have come up with a new game, it's called, "Send Gimpy Back Home"
Here's how you play. Zongo and Louise have made Gimpy the Bondage Sock Monkey into their "Sex Slave" but they feel that Gimpy is not twisted enough yet. So he has been made into a "Chain Letter Sock Monkey"
Gimpy is now somewhere in the streets of Bisbee waiting for the first Player/Victim to find him. When they do, they can do whatever they want with him but must add an item to his new outfit before he is sent on to the next Player/Victim. He must go to 7 different people before he can be returned to Zongo and Louise. They have already chosen Gimpy's first new friend. MMMMMM I wonder who it could be?

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