Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bombed at The Bombshelters!

Hello all, Jess here to share a few pics from The Bombshelters ornament making party that was held up in Tucson on Saturday. Kate and I had sucked down of few Bloody Mary's while shopping on 4th Ave. so by the time I arrived I was pretty lit. Here are some pics of the people who went and a few of the things they made...
There are only a few rules about the party. One, you MUST make an ornament. Two, they ALL get tossed out after Christmas. This guy is the ONLY exception to the rules. He was made long ago by an art student (that right?) and has held a special spot atop the tree every year.
This is Douglas, Colleena Hake's friend. I fell in love with him...
Kate made the sun... and you can see Gregg's 'Obama Santa' too...
Louise told me the blonde was, "A rude bitch! I've been talking to her for the last ten minutes and not one word from her! I thought Tucson people were suppose to be nice... "
Looking through Bombshelter photo albums of Christmas pasts I couldn't help but notice the reacquiring theme of both male and female genitalia. Keeping with the tradition Louise made 'vage' ornament above
Jade and Sean got busy...
This is Jade's favorite one, don't know the name of the girl who made it
She came, she saw, she made thousands of ornaments!
Nothing like a little flame on the tree
Don giving hanging pointers not doubt
Sean's upside down crucifix
Douglas and our host, the lovely Diane Bombshelter. Thanks Don and Diane, it was great!


Charlene said...

Very cool...looks like the kind of Christmas party I like. Glad you had fun!

love23 said...

Hey Jesse, Those photos are GREAT! I just now got to check them out. It's been a whirlwind since the final three members arrived last Friday. They keep me hopping and need help with rides etc. I love the kitty, did my friend Rocko make that? By the way Gregg's is called OBAMA SANTA. Diane actually made two after we left she sent me emails of, I will forward after this. ABSTRACT HILLARY and ABSTRACT OBAMA. It was really fun hanging with you, and I can't wait to give Jade her MYSTERY present. No telling. xoKATE

El-Change-O! said...

That was a fun virtual bomb-shelter experience!
I like the vag ornament, good going Louise!
Rocko looks like she kicked some ass at the party!