Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No place Like Home

Well, since Louise has burned Fire in The Hole to the ground, she had to find a new hang out. Be warned, she has been seen hanging out at Beto's Mexican Restaurant over in Warren.
"What the fuck you looking at ass bag!"
"What? Soda? I ordered a beer!" Louise, you didn't order anything, that was left on the table by the last patron...
"Hey, you gonna eat that?"
So if your in Beto's and feel a tug on your shirt, you might have accidentally sat down in Louise booth, which by the way, makes an excellent bed. Proceed with caution! "Time for a nap, can you please go away!"


El-Change-O! said...

Poor Louise, it's too bad about 'Fire in the Hole", maybe she shouldn't get so druuunk. Then again, who am I to talk! Hang-over central over here!

Charlene said...

Dang! Did I miss the opportunity to have another hangover?