Monday, December 22, 2008

A New Friend!

Hello all, Jess here to tell you all about Louise and Toulouse-La Pigeon's first encounter. When we arrived at the party Louise told me she had to go, "powder" her nose, and was last seen headed for the rest room. Unfortunately she took a wrong turn and got lost in the underground catacombs of The Loma Linda. She missed most of the party, but when she finally did emerge she ran into Bisbee's latest transplant, Toulouse-La Pigeon.
They got acquainted for a bit discussing religion, life, travel, and the whole meaning of Christmas thing. Louise thought it must be Toulouse's first Christmas, he didn't seem to know much at all about the holiday, mainly that he needed to secure a gift for Louise ASAP! All that invigorating conversation worked up their appetite and they decided to head out to the buffet table. "Ya gotta see the spread out there Toulouse baby... we are living high on the hog!"
They ate for a bit, and then played in the food. Toulouse absolutely LOVES the feel of pate between his toes!
After all that munching they decided to get a tasty beverage. They chilled out in the ice bin. "But where is the Merlot?" Toulouse asked pecking around in the cubes. "Silly Toulouse, " said Louise, "Everyone knows Meer-Lot is served hot!"
Since neither of them could master the wine opener they asked Big Brass to help out. Louise picked a bottle of vintage red and Big Brass opened it... not to sure if she should or not.
Louise was pleasantly surprised at just how much she likes this new fellow. For a moment she thought he might be a bit pretentious, being a New Yorker and all, but that was clearly not the case!
"Fuck, he's so nice and polite nobodies gonna put up with me and my shit anymore." Yep, Louise I would be worried too! I heard a rumor that your fifteen minutes are up!


Toulouse said...

I'm thinking I might stick around awhile. You guys are fun and know how to really live! Beats being alone in a freezing cold bell tower any day!
Besides, my New York friends Ed and Kelly are here in Bisbee. I'm going to see them tonight at the Queen at 6:30.
Come on down if you can!
Do they serve pate there?

Toulouse said...

My post looks a lot like your post, I hope you don't mind!

Jess said...

Of course not Toulouse... we are flattered! We love you!

love23 said...

Hey Jesse, Today your blog is allowing me to comment, duh, and now I forget what I was gonna say? Love the photos anyway!

Jess said...

Kate, not sure why that happened. Maybe just a glitch. See you soon for cookies!