Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chew-Mee's New Year

Many people ask us, "Who is Chew-Mee Moore?" Well that is kind of a hard question to answer. Chew-Mee is based on a real life Go-Go dancer that I saw one night in Bangkok back in 1985. (And yes she really did dance with 2 eels) When I made up Chew-Mee in my sick twisted mind she went from being a female Go-Go dancer to a Ladyboy Eel Dancer, and I made her come from Cambodia instead of Thailand. I guess because I always wanted to go see Angkor Wat but was not able to get in to Cambodia back in '85. This New Year's Eve Chew-Mee will be stepping out of the cyber world and in to the real world. But be warned the new year comes to Cambodia at 10am Bisbee time, and that is when Chew-Mee will start drinking. So by the time she makes it to "La Roka" for her New Year's Eve crab cakes, she should be really, really fucked up. Since I really hate that song "One Night in Bangkok" I give you another song that was a hit back in '85 Carabao's "Made in Thailand"

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