Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making Christmas...

Cookies! That's where I've been all day with Jade and Wendy. Louise showed up towards the end to gripe and eat a few herself. She said, "You DO realize that you've been doing this since 11 a.m."
"And it's now after seven?"
"And... Jesus Christ, HOLY SHIT! Look at all these cookies!"
"Wait, is that a Toulouse cookie I see? Ha, ha, ha... You really have no life do ya Jess?"
"Jess? Where did you go?"


Jess said...

I O.D. on cookies... sick in the bathroom... send water

Charlene said...

oooh....can only imagine the OD on cookies incident. We'll be there to help very soon! See you at your party. You're the best!!!

Can't wait to see Louise, too!

Toulouse said...

Cookie crazy! Don't let Toulouse see them, he'll think they are stepping stones!

love23 said...

Jesse, I love the photos of the cookies, very cool. Those hershey kiss ones are always a memory for me. See you later, and we are bringing Alex along too!