Friday, January 30, 2009


"Hm... I'm SO bored! Ever since Roka closed I've been out of my mind with boredom! Jess is still working two other jobs, but her pay gets deposited right into her bank account! There is no way to steal any Roka tips from her bag.... Can you loan me a twenty so I can go hang down at Elmo's?"
"Oh, wait... What's this? Holy Shit! I forgot all about this stash!"
"Yeah baby, now your talking! Don't mind if I do!"
"That's better! Think I will lay here and just twitch for a bit..."
(Disclaimer: The above substance is baby powder, but PLEASE don't tell Louise that, she'll be pissed!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Operation J.U.D.E.

Hello everyone, Jess here to give you the details of the said Top Secret Mission to Tucson. Frank and I left around 10 a.m. last Saturday morning. What a beautiful day it was! The kind Top Secret Missions are made for...
We decide to drive through Sonoita because it's so scenic and the day was perfect for all things scenic.
Louise was driving but as soon as we got into Tucson she abandoned her post...
"No way am I driving in this tra-fuck!" She was very clear about refusing to drive anymore, so Frank took over and we headed off to release the baby Eagle from his tainted and drug ridden nest.
Once we got him we hit a Mongolian BBQ place... Then headed to Traders to shop, then back home with the baby Eagle in place. Turns out the little guy will be heading back up to Tucson some time this week. He needs to find a nest to call his own and maybe a new job or five. He is doing good however, he still gets a little ill from all those diabetic complications. Louise says, "Wow, being diabetic sure does suck! Why would anyone want to be that?" Don't think she understands, but she was happy to see him!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

Hello everyone and Happy Chinese New Year! We decided to celebrate this year since I am an Ox myself. According to tradition your suppose to clean your whole house from top to bottom (the day or days before, bad luck to clean on New Year's Day) paint your door red, hang several FU (Symbol for luck) posters upside down, and feast....
Frank did the door yesterday while I cleaned for eight ours straight! Let's see if it helps our luck.
We had the appropriate dipping sauces and Tsingtao beer to wash the egg rolls and dim sum down.
Here is Sean's dim sum with a chop stick in it's head. Jade painted on a face. It looked angry but cute at the same time...
After dinner we drew the FU symbol then hung the posters upside down on our front door. Not too sure why they do that but I like to think of it as a way of spreading good luck to others.
Then, later on, we watched a beautiful sunset... Here's an out of focus picture of it. Happy Chinese New Year everyone, I hope this year is one full of love, laughter, and good luck!


Yes it's true after 1 week of a Internet blackout,da Cambodian Refugee Ladyboy Eel Dancer is back!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Day, Another Mission

Hello everyone... Went on a Top Secret Mission to release Jude from the Eagle's Nest. Made it home... Will post some pics later if the net cooperates.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What!? No Internet?

Hello everyone, Jess here to fill you in on the latest. Our Internet service has been down for a few days now...So, to keep our readers entertained, Louise and I trekked bravery over to the public library to get our blog on... What an adventure!

"What!? There all being used right now...Fuck! A ten to twenty minute wait! Shit! What good is that? It's open to the public but I can't use it now! "

"Thing I'll catch a few zzzzzzzz's."

"Hm... Who would throw a perfectly good half hot dog away?"

"Finally! Thank god! But wait... What's that smell? The guy here before us had some serious b.o.! I just hate public things...." OK kids, that's it for today. Think our hour of pc use at the library is just about done, I can feel someone breathing down my back to get their turn... We will be blogging every other day until the problem at home is fixed.... Gawd! I just hate not having the net!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Louise Ties One On

"Here's too you Obama... and a brand new day! What? You have to work all day Jess. Ah, that's too bad! Can you pick up a case of Zima on your way home from Douglas? Oh, and some cocktail onions too!"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wait a minute...

"What!? Blogging on her i-pod? She's nuts!"


Here is one of Martin Luther King's most memorable speechs translated into American Sign Language. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

30 Days In Her Hole

Louise is so happy about GW leaving office, she has gone on a 30 day binder. If anyone is looking for her she can be found at the new "Fire in the Hole."

Louise of Nazareth

I was looking for another one of Gimpy's favorite songs when I happen to come across this one. This is more of a Louise theme song than a Gimpy one."Now your messing with a son of a bitch."
And this one is for Gimpy.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama! (What a sweet pic huh?)

The Last 72hrs.......

Is it really true? In about 72hrs. G.W. "Bobby Brown" Bush and Condisleaza Rice AKA "Freddy" will be packing their bags...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hit the Brakes!

Are you having car problems? Do you need a lube job, or maybe just a hand job? Is your brake line giving you problems or are you having a hard time finding lines at all? Look no further than,"Louise and Chew-Mee's Car Repair."
Here's a picture of Louise in action. She gave away a free brake line inspection to all winners of the 70's Song-Off. Of course, she wasn't too sure what she was looking for and had to call in the lovely Miss Chew-Mee Moore to help out!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Demolition Monkey

Louise's Song....

Stakeout Part 2

Well, since we saw no sign of Charlene at HDM, Louise forced us to take the P-40 up for a spin to get an aerial view of Bisbee. Louise began to reminisce, "This reminds me of the time Sarah and I went out a-huntin for caribou... What a blast! Literally!" Then she spotted what she referred to as, "The Nest." We landed and went in for a closer look...
"Yep, think we are here... Got the tranquillizer gun ready?"
But when we approached, "The Nest," and looked in, we could only see a mound of blankets with a life form moving underneath, several empty bottles of Ny-Quill, and a pile of used tissues! "What?? She spent all the prize money on cold care crap.... Shit!! I'm outta here..." Last I heard, Louise was headed off to Elmo's to drown her sorrow and disbelief in Juliette's drink special of the day...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hello all, Jess here to give you the details of the Top Secret Stakeout Mission Louise, Chew-Mee, and I went on yesterday...
Louise was convinced that HCA gave prize money to the winner of The 70's Song-Off, and Louise was gonna claim it as hers! The Top Secret bag of gear included binoculars, several cheap pairs of children's sunglasses, a camera to catch all the action, a fake security badge, several tools (for Van repairs), and two, half bottles of Everclear.
Louise spent most of the morning creating this cool utility belt for the mission. She was awfully proud of it, too bad it fell off when she ran from the stakeout post... Oh well...
Here is Chew-Mee and Louise, eyes glued to HDM... In for the long haul!
"Hm, is that her? No! But I see William and his new do!"
"God, it's been a whole half hour and still no Charlene! Where could she be? Spending the prize money no doubt... Wait... Oh shit, I think that's her and I think she saw us!"
(Click on video below to see Louise booking it right outta there! Run Louise, run.....)

Run For It!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Mission

Hell-woo, Chew-Mee here wit a new update; Louise showed up on my door step dis morning wit 1 case of Chick-O-Sticks, 1 case of Red Bull, and 1 case of Sake. So sorry Charlene but Louise pays better than you, she also laid out plans for a new mission that involves The Flying Tiger, so stay tuned....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gimpy's New Look

Gimmpy's New Look (By Emily Fisher) (Greeting my surprise)
I promised I'd show and tell you what I added to Gimmpy, a couple things I found around the house. Gimmpy may be Louise's slave, but Louise is a slave to her drugs and booze, so I thought she'd like this little box I fashioned as a hat for her sub. Here are pix of the box from all sides:

After all that talk about the butt plug, in the comments, once I'd gotten the okay for more than one item, and to treat Gimmpy as my bitch, I did a quick search around the house and came up with another addition.
Here he is with all his finery, though I handed him off the next day, so who knows how he looks now.....

The Louise Slut Monkey Army

Here is a Louise Slut Monkey Update; It appears that Louise is camped out in Juniper Flats with an Army of 3,000 Emily Dolls...
And she is planing to take over Bisbee at dawn...
But tonight they will play...

Gimpy's Song

First Gimpy get's a room and now he also has a song? It looks like things are about to get even more twisted around here.....

I wonder how the Gimp is getting on with the Flying Mermaid? But what I really want to know is where the hell is Louise? No word from her in 2 days now,you better watch your back Charlene!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Gimp Room

Well it looks like Zongo has been busy building a new room at 'Fire in the Hole' called 'The Gimp Room'....
He know what the Gimp likes...

But he plans to put Louise in there untill 'Gimpy's return,but she is still MIA and no one has seen her since yesterday.

Goodbye 70's

This was a vid someone made from AC/DC's Black Ice Tour. Angus did look cool coming up from the floor, smoke coming off of him, to do the encore. It was a great show, but nothing like the concerts of the 70's, sad to say those days are long gone...

Highway to Hell

This was my last song in the 70's Song Off, but had problems with the slide show that this song goes with. Well better late than never and it's looks like Charlene won anyway since Louise is now on the run or is she? I have a strange feeling we have not heard the last of that Psycho Bitch Monkey from Hell....

Friday, January 9, 2009

WANTED! Dead or Alive

Run for the Hills

Happy to see that "Fire in the Hole" was back and even better with no Louise, she was off on the PC high on PCP trying to win the 70's Song Off, Zongo stops in for a drink... Then he happens to see something...
After all the Gas/Vodka Pump is really his, so this does not look good...
Don't know what happened, but somehow there is a bullet hole in the Gas/Vodka Pump. MMMMMMM, looks like someone was having too much fun yesterday...

What is going to happen now? Are we going in to an 80's Song Off ? Who won the 70's Song Off? And where the hell is Louise?