Thursday, January 22, 2009

What!? No Internet?

Hello everyone, Jess here to fill you in on the latest. Our Internet service has been down for a few days now...So, to keep our readers entertained, Louise and I trekked bravery over to the public library to get our blog on... What an adventure!

"What!? There all being used right now...Fuck! A ten to twenty minute wait! Shit! What good is that? It's open to the public but I can't use it now! "

"Thing I'll catch a few zzzzzzzz's."

"Hm... Who would throw a perfectly good half hot dog away?"

"Finally! Thank god! But wait... What's that smell? The guy here before us had some serious b.o.! I just hate public things...." OK kids, that's it for today. Think our hour of pc use at the library is just about done, I can feel someone breathing down my back to get their turn... We will be blogging every other day until the problem at home is fixed.... Gawd! I just hate not having the net!


Charlene said...

What an adventure for you, Louise! So sorry you have no NET! That's like a drought of communication! Thanks for trekking to the library, though.

Next time you come to town for net usage, give me a call. You can use mine! And, if you have a laptop with you, I've got wireless and we can have our own in-house blog off!

How was the half hot dog?

Perrie's Place said...

Be thankful that SCOTUS is even allowing you in the library you little slut ( ).

But I do feel your pain. I had to use the library for two weeks once while my computer was being repaired. After the first visit I always took a package of disinfectant wipes with me. Lord knows where that mouse had been.

Jess said...

Ha, so true Perrie. Here again today but not to blog, and thank god no major BO like yesterday. BTW, I try to leave comments on your blog but it gives me a run around... just so you know.