Saturday, January 10, 2009

Highway to Hell

This was my last song in the 70's Song Off, but had problems with the slide show that this song goes with. Well better late than never and it's looks like Charlene won anyway since Louise is now on the run or is she? I have a strange feeling we have not heard the last of that Psycho Bitch Monkey from Hell....

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Charlene said...

Your posts have been incredible! I have had the most fun week in a very long time during this contest. Still, I really don't consider myself the only winner of this contest. Perhaps a tie?

Who knows what will come next. But, I am intrigued to see where Louise turns up, if indeed she does. I hate to say it, but, I find myself watching my back.

Not to mention the "gift" that was left on my doorstep yesterday. More about that soon. i don't feel at liberty to divulge too much yet.