Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Louise Ties One On

"Here's too you Obama... and a brand new day! What? You have to work all day Jess. Ah, that's too bad! Can you pick up a case of Zima on your way home from Douglas? Oh, and some cocktail onions too!"


Charlene said...

Zima, cocktail onions...what are you concocting as a celebratory cocktail? Jess, you must celebrate with us! It's such a great day!

Perrie's Place said...

Be thankful that SCOTUS is even allowing you in the library you little slut ( ).

But I do feel your pain. I had to use the library for two weeks once while my computer was being repaired. After the first visit I always took a package of disinfectant wipes with me. Lord knows where that mouse had been.