Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

Hello everyone and Happy Chinese New Year! We decided to celebrate this year since I am an Ox myself. According to tradition your suppose to clean your whole house from top to bottom (the day or days before, bad luck to clean on New Year's Day) paint your door red, hang several FU (Symbol for luck) posters upside down, and feast....
Frank did the door yesterday while I cleaned for eight ours straight! Let's see if it helps our luck.
We had the appropriate dipping sauces and Tsingtao beer to wash the egg rolls and dim sum down.
Here is Sean's dim sum with a chop stick in it's head. Jade painted on a face. It looked angry but cute at the same time...
After dinner we drew the FU symbol then hung the posters upside down on our front door. Not too sure why they do that but I like to think of it as a way of spreading good luck to others.
Then, later on, we watched a beautiful sunset... Here's an out of focus picture of it. Happy Chinese New Year everyone, I hope this year is one full of love, laughter, and good luck!


Charlene said...

Gung Hay Fat Choy to you! So cool that you're an Ox! What a sunset! By the way, where did you get dim sum around here? I miss that from my days in San Francisco!

love23 said...

Hey Jesse, That's really really cool that you did all of this, I suspected it was dear JUDE that you were retrieving, he looks great. Frank did a great job of painting the door. I am an OX too, but I think I will keep my door the way it is for now, eventually the back new door will be collaged to match inside back porch. I don't remember that MELMAC from Jade's Melmac days, I am working on 3 right now!