Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look To The Skies....

Not that long ago Japan and the USA were bitter enemies. This past election has shown us that even an Obamabot, and Big Brass of The Hillary Clinton Army, can sit down to have a Red-Bull Sake Bomber together. No matter how many PUMA's would never want to see that happen... So on Jan. 20th 2009 Louise "Struts" Monkey and Chew-Mee "Sake Bomber" Moore are giving The HCA what they need most. Air Power Baby!
Chew-Mee "Sake-Bomber" Moore
So keep your eyes to the skies! Because there will be a Psycho Sock Monkey taking off in her new fighter plane; "Geez Louise" coming soon...

Back then Louise would just smoke cigars, drink cokes, cuss and kill things. Till the day she got wasted on "Flying Tigers"

1 ¾ oz light rum (Havana Club)
½ oz gin (Plymouth)
¼ oz grenadine (homemade)
1 dash aromatic bitters

Try one today!


El-Change-O! said...

I must say, I'm
2 parts intigued
1 part befuddled
1 part insanely curious
and a dash enchanted

jess said...

Just you wait...