Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amos & Gator aka Thelmo & Louise


Hell-oow everybody, Chew-Mee here...I have been working hard on the new "Hill-car" that will take us to Hillary Clinton Island...

Most people don't know that Thelmo and Louise go way back. They used to hunt gators and run moonshine when Louise was hiding out in the bayou. She wore a mustache then and went by the name Gator. He was known to the locals as Amos. Here is an old photo of them back in the day...tink they made movie about dem...XO CM

Here is Louise and I at the Gator Ball 2008. She wore a real gator head and it stunk really bad...CM


Charlene Mitchell said...

Tarnation! That Louise"Gator" Slut Monkey sure has a fascinating history! Love the theme song and vintage family photos. Colorful, very very colorful. You go girl!

El-Change-O! said...

I didn't know they have such a long history together!