Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wheel of Death Pt.5 Cherry Blossom in Your Face

In her next life Louise comes back as an American. The first thing she did was join the Air Force. She was sent to China to fly with the Flying Tigers. At last she found her true calling in life, killing! She became a flying ace in no time and earned the nickname Struts. The only thing higher that her kill count was her psychiatric evaluation score, a class one psycho. She didn't just kill, she LOVED to kill! Soon the Japanese put a price on her head.
One sad day it all caught up to her. She was headed home, exhausted, after a particularly messy mission. Maybe it was because she was a little hungry, or maybe she just needed a drink, whatever the reason she became distracted by the lovely sunset. Before she knew it she heard a high pitch whining sound, and just under that she thought she heard someone yelling in broken English from above. "Banzai, FUK U Louise Monkey!" She looked up just in time to see a Cherry Blossom Kamikaze coming in hot and fast!
It was none other that Ichi Wan Blossom! Cherry's every own grandfather! He was chosen as the top Kamikaze pilot in training to be sent on the dangerous mission to liquidate her! (Click to get a better view of Ichi Wan)
"Oh shit!?"
(Stay tuned for part 6)


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Damn that Ichi Wan Blossom!

Charlene said...

Wut's up wit dat? Her own grandfather.....