Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wheel of Death Pt.3 Bottoms Up

In her next life Louise finds herself in England still. Before she dies from bad food or a gutting by the Ripper again, she makes plans to go to America. After saving all her money she booked passage first class on some old rust bucket she referred to as the 'Tit'. One night, while on the boat, Louise was making up some martinis. She was getting ready to make a third batch when she saw there was no more ice. She rang for service only to be told, "Sorry no room service after midnight." This would not do. She put a magnet on the ships compass so it would go really close to an iceberg. Once that happened she could scrape some ice off for her martini. The rest they say is history.

Louise could have saved herself that night, but she would have to let go of the martini to grab the life preserver and letting go of a martini was unheard of. She would not wash up on shore for years after that, till one day on some beach in Germany.......

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Hillary Clinton Army said...

This is fantastic. The absolute (vodka) best!