Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wheel of Death Pt.4 Ya Got a Light?

After floating around in the North Atlantic for almost 20 years, Louise finally washes up on a beach not far from Kiel, Germany. She soon finds work at the local Zeppelin Factory, looking so sexy in her lederhosen. In this life she becomes a drug addict for the first time. She would sneak off to huff on the hydrogen tanks while riveting the outer frames of the Zeppelins. Her nickname back then was 'Ol Gas Bag'. One day, while working on the Hindenburg she huffed way too much 'Hydro' and past out. She must have been past out for days because next thing she knew they were just about to dock in New Jersey. Having awoken Louise decided to lite up a smoke..."Ah, nothing like a smoke when you first wake up from a long nap...."
(Take note of Louise's all ash body)

I found this cool video that I had to add it. I've never seen it it color before. Nice going Louise! Don't you know smoking is dangerous!


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Freaky video and very cool painting!

Chew-Mee said...

Tank U Bigga Brassy..

Charlene said...

Louise has been a nuisance for all her other lives, I see. Way to go!