Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feeding Time


As you can see we have our hands full over here! Keeping Louise away from from Jade and her medication is a full time job! I should have been suspicious when she offered to make Jades lunch today. Somehow Louise managed to steal three pills out of the bottle. I'm not sure why she just didn't take the three she had stolen. Knowing her, I'm guessing she wanted them all. "Suckers go for five dollars a pop at Elmo's!" After I caught her in Jade's room I had to lock her up in an old dog carrier I had stashed in the closet. It will hold her for the night, at least I hope!


Dr.Sloot said...

I think that I need to bring Louise in to my lab and put her on the slab.

love23 said...

Let me know how things go today! Thanks for entertaining Jade too, with the fun clips!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Poor Jade, she has to sleep with both eyes open!

Charlene said...

If I see Louise lurking around at Elmo's I'll know what she's doing there.