Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wheel of Death Pt.2 Louise Gets Jacked

We find Louise living her next life in London. She thinks it's too fucking cold and the food sucks, but the worst thing is she has to share a room with this psycho monkey who only beats his cymbals all day and night long. Looking to make more money so she can move to a better place, she becomes a streetwalker in the Whitechaple area of London. Sorry to say her first customer is some guy named Jack....
Poor Jack, what a shock it must have been for him a find a bunch of fluffy white cotton instead of nice juicy entrails.


Charlene said...

So, this is one of the many lives of Louise. I'm starting to get a sense of why she's the way she is now.

Can't wait for the next installation!

Hillary Clinton Army said...