Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Goes Ba-Bang!

We now interrupt the adventures of Chew-Mee and Louise to bring you some new art from Dr.Von Finklebone called, [Baby Goes Ba-Bang!] While Elmer Gobstopper was off at his NRA meeting,baby Myrtle found his loaded unlocked pistol under the bed and blew her little mind.....

(Click to Enlarge)

The magic bullet just misses the head of her new toy, a sock monkey she named Louise.

I put this song on just for you Char-Ween, have you no shame? Throwing yourself at David like that.


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Killer painting, Chew-mee!

Charlene said...

I couldn't help myself...David just brings out the Tango Dancing Passion Flower in me!

Charlene said...

by the way...awesome Chew Mee painting!