Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chew-Mee's Misguided Tours Continues; Cherries at the White House

As we wake up, Louise is all ready for us to take her to a liquor store. We kindly inform her that we are on the Navajo reservation and no liquor is sold or aloud for miles around. This is when she starts to whine, It sounds kind of like jet engine before it blows up.... We tell her that we are off for a hike to the White House Ruins and that the nearest liquor store is in Gallup, New Mexico. She starts to get nasty....

As we hike down to the bottom of the canyon on a very cool trail, the only thing we can hear is the jeep horn blasting away...

When we get to the bottom, we can still hear the jeep horn and an echo; "Take me to get booze now! You Fucking Shitheads...eads...eads...eads!"

But we pretend not to hear or know Louise. Instead we try to enjoy a breakfast of cherries and other fruits by the White House Ruins.

On the way up Louise finds us and will not take no for an answer!

Fed up with her demands, Chew-Mee throws Louise off the Canyon wall, hoping the 800ft fall will knock some sense into her.

But instead she lands next to a mud puddle and thinks it's the canyon pool. She screams for the cabana boy. (To be continued!) "Jeez, the service is lousy here!"


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Can Louise get booze? I'm hooked for the next installation!

Charlene said...

Does the cabana boy give in and bring her some? Is there a cabana boy? (even a ghost cabana boy of the white house ruins?)

Flying Mermaid said...

Oh, shit, Canyon de Chelley will never be the same!!!