Thursday, June 11, 2009

For The Pollywoggs

Back in 1990 I was walking down near Black Sands Beach, that is south of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica, when I came across this hut that was made out of driftwood. There was this dude that looked like a shipwrecked Santa in tie dye tee, flip flops and shorts. As I walked up I saw that the hut had a bar and that Santa and his son were just sitting down to have a Black & Tan, made with Guinness Stout and Costa Rican brew. I did not wonder how they built the hut so fast, as much as where the hell did they find the Guinness? To make a long story short I've been friends with them since that day, in fact their place Pollwogg Holler; is the first place I lived when I came back to the USA. So when I was on the phone with Bill (AKA Santa) the other day, I told him about this painting I was doing but that I really hated it, was about to trash it. After talking to him I got an idea and this is what I came up with. It's soon to be sent to Pollywogg Holler so they can hang it over the BBQ pit.

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