Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chew-Mee's Misguided Tours Continues; Code Talking

As Louise basks by the mud puddle in the canyon down below, Chew-Mee and Cherry Blossom take in the sights....

Finally rid of Louise and her incessant whining, they enjoy a great day.

After stopping at Spider Rock to watch the sunset Chew-Mee and Cherry Blossom head to camp. Beat from a day of exploring and hiking they make dinner and hit the sack. During the night, however, they can hear (well, Chew-Mee can anyway) the faint sound of Louise's voice raising out of the canyon. But something is wrong, is she speaking another language?

The next day at sunrise Chew-Mee and Cherry awaken to Louise in the tent. And yes, she IS speaking a different language...Navajo!

Through the use of sign language, gestures and crude drawings in the dirt we figure out that Louise wants us to head to the Navajo Nation HQ located in Window Rock, to find a code talker.
So....We hit the road!
Zigzagging between New Mexico and Arizona we pass through Navajo, New Mexico and the cool red rock formations. We must be getting close because Louise begins to froth at the mouth and twitch.

At last we arrive at Widow Rock and begin to look for a Code Talker.

The Code Talker agrees to interpret Louise's ramblings but in exchange asks for Chew-Mee's help. He sends her/him on a Top Secret Mission into Mexico to find the Huichol Tribe.

Of course all Louise was asking for was directions to the nearest liquor store. We should have known that!
Looks like we are off to Gallup to find a liquor store for Louise. But just what is this Top Secret mission Chew-Mee will embark on? Who are the Huichol people? Will Louise ever get a drop of the sauce? Tune in for the next installment off Chew-Mee's Misguided Tours (Coming February 2010)


Charlene said...

What?? We have to wait almost a year???

I'm in suspense....

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I hope Louise get a drink by then!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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