Monday, March 16, 2009

Venus De Mars!

Louise, Jade, and I trekked out to St. Elmo's yesterday to see Venus De Mars preform!
As you know, Louise is one of Venus biggest fans!
Louise danced under a bar stool for a bit, she was convinced she was in a dancing cage. Then after she tired of that she insisted on joining Venus onstage. She was singing along to all her songs at the top of her lungs, but luckily for us, she could not reach the mike!
Later I overheard Louise telling someone, "Venus just can not preform with out me up there on stage with her... I tell her, Venus you don't need me! You are a wonderful performer, but she just persists until she wears me down and I give in!" I would tell you more about the day, but chances are you were there yourself. Hope you had as much fun as I did!


Charlene said...

Awesome shots of Louise and Venus! Yes, I was was an incredible show!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I don't know what Venus would do without you!

love23 said...

I enjoyed all of it! Especially proud of the Jade tho, can't help but scream it from the rafters! Wish you would have been there at the end, we had an afterhours party and I made dinner for everybody! It was good seeing the stars off stage and just chilling and half of Grandaddy were there too. xoKATE

Flying Mermaid said...

Great pix! What a weekend!