Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday Shout Out!

Yep, it's a very special day! Today is our fearless leaders birthday! She's an amazing woman I admire and adore. I think everyone feels that way about her. She's so....
INCOGNITO...Sometimes I have a hard time recognizing her in her many costumes and disguises! FUN...Never one to let boredom set in, her imagination is a portal to zany and colorful adventures! And she is nice enough to let you join her and partake in the fun!
DETERMINED...Here is a pic by Wendy Layton of Gretchen landing on the sun! Nothing is impossible when Gretchen sets her mind to it!

FUTURISTIC...She's always ahead of the game. Here she is with Louise scouting out strange and distant planets to colonize and claim for the Hillary Clinton Army!



Charlene said...

Great entry! Awesome job, Louise (and Jess)!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Wow! I am honored!

Flying Mermaid said...

Awww, wonderful and well-deserved tribute!

love23 said...

Great entry, and Jesse of course you remember the first time you ever met Gretchen with me, so very very long ago. And a Pony She Named Wildfire is singing in the background, while I write this, how coooooool is that!