Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Early Bird...

Gets the seed! Aah, spring is in the air! We feed the birds year round, even when its just those fat grisly dove pigeons who look like they weigh five pounds, but Spring time is the best time.... This is the time when the really bright and interesting looking birds start to appear. And to me, nothing completes a warm spring day better than the sound of the birds chirping away.
We joke that we run a few bird eateries. In the pic above two of the most popular are shown. Floor level is The Blue Bird Cafe & Fountain (Mexican Stone Feeders). Here patrons dine on a variety of seed at affordable costs. And, just a hop away, is The Fountain! Here patrons from The Blue Bird wash seed down and chat amongst themselves. If the fancy strikes them, they can hop in for a quick dip. Up on top is The Tree-Top Cafe. Same seed as below, but three times as much! Also no Drinking/Bathing facilities. Here it's all about being seen.
This is Hummer's, open 24-7. Not much eating here, but a lot of drinking! Sometimes its deserted for weeks, then suddenly, it's a mad house! Everyone is always on the go!
Here are some of the elusive patrons of The Tree-Top waiting to be seated.
Brand new to the area is The Bell. This could be compared to a fast food joint. There is no work to get the seed, just land and snatch some up. This lasted two to three days before it was just a plastic skeleton in the shape of an upside down letter T. I'm hoping to get a pic of this one bird that swings by in the summers. He is shiny black and bright sunny yellow. We will see how it goes as birds are hard to get pics of!


Louise S. Monkey said...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, Boring! What does this have to do with me???

Charlene said...

Louise - don't be shy! I know it's you out there feeding those birds and saying " cute".

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Jesse, I hope you've hidden Louise's shotgun!