Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello in There!

"Hello... Rod, you in there? Jesse is ready to come back to work now. Hello... She's been living off of Tuna Helper and orange Fanta for weeks now... She needs to make some cash. I can hear you in there, open up!"


Flying Mermaid said...

See you there on Friday!

Charlene said...

Does that mean you're not flying anymore, Ms. Mermaid?

Flying Mermaid said...

Does "flying" mean Pilates? If so, no, it does not mean that. In fact, I brought Cora Belle there today.

If flying doesn't mean Pilates, I'm lost.

Oh, wait, oh oh ohhh! You mean as in tripping the light fantastic??? Oooh, baby! You didn't come back to read about it?

Charlene said...

Actually, I did go back and read about your "tripping the light fantastic". Pretty wild, for sure! By the way, you can comment on my blog without typing any cryptic letters now...comment away!