Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gimpy Is Back! Time To Roll The Bones!

Well Gimpy finally made it home on Thursday night! After the party and hearing about all his wild sexual adventures Zongo and Louise nail him to the cross so he can never roam again. Then they start to play a very complex dice game to find out who will be Gimpy's BFF and who gets to take care of Andre The Junkie Monkey for 6 weeks while they also do a 12 step Detox program with him. Now this game is called "7" and each player must roll the dice 7,777 times. It would not be so bad, but these are Zongo's magic dice and no matter what you do they always roll 7's. This makes for a very long boring game, unless you roll another number other than 7 on the dice, then that will put the game in to Double Jeopardy. The game will then end by spinning "The Gimp's Wheel of Revenge" full of torment and grief. But, Zongo said that after playing this game for more than 3,000 years, it has never happened.......(Click on pic to make it larger)
(Click on pics to make them larger)


Cherry-Bwosome said...

Love the t.p. and piss as Andre is getting away!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Oh crap, does this mean he could appear out of any toilet in Bisbee?