Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Squid Goat

About 5 months ago I found this cool 'Iron Maiden' stencil on the Internet. I told Jade I could show her how to do stencils like that. She was really good at it, and cut out 6 right away. The first one was this Angler Fish, she had plans to be the new Night Goat or Squid Goat I should say. I also told her I'd show her how to do Batik and she could make money doing T-Shirts with her art on them,but like they say. "You can lead a squid to water but you can't make them drink."

It's a good thing Chew-Mee was around to do her 'Dirty Work' for her.


Charlene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hillary Clinton Army said...

Cool! You look very bandito!

love23 said...

Great that you did this with Jade's stencil! Cool! Very cool. I remember when she painted the squid on that same wall, which eventually got covered over.

Blogger said...

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