Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Sure!

Oh sure Wine Me, Dine Me, Fuck Me and leave me all by myself. Now I'm stuck here with Frankie Monkey and his Fucking Celine Dion Videos and Air Supply CD's. I can't even leave due to the fact that the Jeepster is getting a major Brake job, and painting better than before. Never did like how the olive green came out. So the new name for the Jeepster P-40, will be; 'Shot Down in Flames' more to come...... But now off to bed to cry in my pillow and ask, "Cherry Blossom where are you?"


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I hate this song or Celine more.But her singing it? Someone get me a barf bag fast!!!!

Flying Mermaid said...

Louise, I'm wondering if perhaps YOU were behind the plot that dragged me away from Chew-Me's birthday the other night, ya scoundrel!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

This is so sad!