Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sneak Peek

Well, since Louise wouldn't be caught dead going to an art show....
And since I will out of town this weekend, I decided to give you a sneak peek at The Art Mart Show hosted by Kate Pearson. (Click on pics to make them bigger)
Sugar Skulls by Juliette Beaumont
Day of the Dead lunch box by Kelly Overacker
Day of the Dead couch cushions by Kelly Overacker....I love these!
By Diane Bombshelter
Diane Bombshelter
Bottle Caps by Penny Crane
Penny Crane
Art by Jade Gulden
Jade Gulden
Louisiana Bus Stop by Mo McCoy
Mo McCoy
Photos by Charleen Mitchell
Snow Hillary by Gretchen Baer
By Eileen Ford


love23 said...

Thanks Jesse, good job! You bloggers amaze me. I think I am still too very old school for actually maintaing one, but I love yours and really appreciate all the effort and humor and sassy wisdom you put into it. Have fun on a rare occasion out of town for you! xoKATE

Jess said...

Thanks Kate. Whish I could be there for the show. Thanks for the seak peek!