Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meanwhile at The L.L. Clinic...

Louise dropped Judy off at the L.L. Clinic and Pole Dancing Institute yesterday so she could undergo her 10:49 breast augmentation appointment with Dr. B. Mobetter. Let's listen to what the good Dr. has to say about the operation. Dr. take it away.
"Just finished with Judy's augmentation. The surgery went very well. I opted for a soft fiber filled implant over the banana. I felt this would give Judy a higher contour and less chance of bruising. I also felt this would work much better with Judy's skin tone. Judy was fitted with a 400cc implant. (i.e.: The monkey is ... See Morestacked!!!) Judy will be ready to go home on Tuesday. Tomorrow she is attending our complimentary pole dancing workshop which we find is a big hit with all our ladies."
Thank you Dr. B. MoBetter, we here at Louise Slut Monkey Blog cannot wait to see the results!


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