Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cambodian Embassy Pt. 4, Great Escapes!

Well The Grim Reaper never showed up to claim Louise. Turns out even HE would not set foot in the place Louise was in. And just where was she?

She came too at ten this morning, all the ice around her had long since melted. She could feel her legs and toes again and decided she would have to get herself out of this mess since no one seemed to be coming to her aide. She grabbed the nearest thing, an old wash cloth, shoved it into the spot where her kidney once was and headed for the door.
"Motherfucker the pain! Chew-Mee you read the Cambodian Embassy Script. You were suppose to PRETEND to take my kidney, not really take it! I'm coming to kick your scrawny ass!"
Here is footage I caught of her Great Escape! It took her a minute to figure it all out!


Gretchen said...

Oh shit!

Charlene said...

Is Chew Mee making Kidney Stew by now?