Thursday, May 14, 2009

Move Over Mona Lisa

Geez, am I ever glad this painting is done! I've never painted a more difficult subject than Miss Chew-Mee Moore. From her/his demands for Red Bull Sake Bombers to the stench of those rank ass eels. This was my 3rd attempt to paint Chew-Mee, after she/he did not like how the first two came out, she/he took and axe to them. I was lucky to escape with my life that day! Then the stinky eels that kept dying on us, I told Chew-Mee that the eel just can't take this dry desert heat. But she/he did not care, after an eel would die and I'd remove the dead carcass from her/his body it would be replaced with another live one, we used 78 eels in all. Now Chew-Mee is on the phone to the Louvre in Paris, telling them in really bad French (you think her English is bad,you should hear her/his French!) " Now u listen to me u fucking frogs! It time to move dat ho'bitch Mona Lisa over, and put my painting dare!"
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Hillary Clinton Army said...

This painting is really great!
How did you set up "Click to enlarge" by the way?