Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Dinner?


Flying Mermaid said...


"Can't get good Cambodian help these days!"

"I'm not on your bwog, I'm on MY bwog!"


Louise Monkai said...

Glad you like FM! We miss you! Heard about a party at your place after it happened... Oh well, maybe next time!

Gretchen said...

Did you end up eating that lame pizza or fab Cambodian cuisine?

Flying Mermaid said...

Silly you -- I wouldn't have a party without you! I just had 10 out of towners staying here with my baby boy, had always intended to have a party when they came, but then my aunt was dying in NJ, the last of the family matriarchs, and it seemed like I wouldn't be here, so didn't plan a party. (Don't wanna go down as a party wolf-cryer!)

She wound up dying early the morning of the day Sonny was to arrive, and I did an unheard of thing -- I DID NOT GO! Stayed here with my chosen family and ate post-funeral Ecstasy, the way we did after my mother's funeral. Then on Sunday a couple others came over.

You know I'd never have a party without telling you!


Louise Monkai said...

Aw, FM we love you too!