Monday, December 14, 2009

From James 2 Judy

We here at Louise Slut Monkey Blog live to celebrate the diversity of life. Having brought you the first Siamese Sock Monkey, Ling-Ling, we now attempt to bring you the first Transgender Sock Monkey, James... er, Judy if it all goes well.

Chew-Mee sat for hours trying to find a way to introduce James the Uptight (Wannabee Transgender) Sock Monkey and his story. I snapped a pic while he/she sat staring at the computer screen for hours with writers block! Finally it came to him/her!
Poor James the Uptight Sock Monkey... Since birth he has been so unhappy, never fitting in or feeling comfortable in his own sock. He knows deep down inside he is really a girl sock monkey. He feels trapped in the very under toned body of a boy sock monkey. Instead of accepting the fact of his true identify and doing his best to achieve personal happiness he rebelled against it by becoming a Republican. However slandering human and gay rights only made him unhappier. I think Chew-Mee of all people can relate best to him and help him to solve his problem. She recently had a talk with him, let's listen in shall we. (Be warned SOCK MONKEY lady boy porn ahead!! But not to much, so relax!)

OK, well then problem solved. Won't you please help James become Judy? I will start by adding an item. On Christmas Eve I will pass him to the next person. They add/change an item, helping him become a her.


Jess said...

So much for a week off....

~D said...

LMAO "....comfortable in his own sock." BRILLIANT! It warms my heart to see how happy James is about his upcoming operation! Dr. Denisse is ready to operate!!! *snaps rubber glove* SCALPEL!!!!

Gretchen said...

another traditional bit of Christmas Eve fun from Louise!